Meet the Mazloy Team

Meet the Mazloy Team

We're a bunch of goofballs
who love marketing

Christopher Mazurk Christopher Mazurk

Christopher Mazurk


Chris is passionate about helping small businesses succeed through marketing. He also loves his wife, their cat, music, and hockey. If you live in Orange County and don’t mind playing with someone who’s still learning, reach out to Chris for a pick-up game sometime!

Get to know Chris:
Rafael Agudelo Rafael Agudelo

Rafael Agudelo

Senior Account Executive

Rafael is a happy husband, father of 3 sons, and a dedicated hockey coach. He’s worked in the entertainment industry and the world of video marketing since the mid-2000’s.

Get to know Rafael:
Mike Rhodes Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes

Graphic Designer / Videographer

Mike is all smiles, all the time. He’ll brighten your day. Give it a try! Oh, and if you have a softball team and you need some muscle, give Mike a ring. He’s your guy.

Get to know Mike:
Eric Ostrowski Eric Ostrowski

Eric Ostrowski

Drone Cinematographer

We challenge you to find someone who is more passionate about drones than this guy. Eric races them, builds them, and maybe even teaches them to take over the world. We’re not sure. He’s sure. We’re just scared.

Get to know Eric:
Geoff Martinez Geoff Martinez

Geoff Martinez


Geoff is a good dude and one of the most experienced guys you’re likely to meet in the field of marketing. We’re lucky to have him on the team (he made us say that, but it’s kinda true). Meanwhile, Geoff’s lucky because he has a super-talented wife and the cutest baby on the planet. Don’t worry about reaching out to Geoff though. He’s all ours! Or do…he’s got talent to spare.

Get to know Geoff:
Adrian Ortega Adrian Ortega

Adrian Ortega


Adrian and Chris have been a power duo for almost a decade. Chris comes up with nonsensical ideas and Adrian somehow makes them happen. Adrian is a good guy who cares a LOT about his 3 kids (who are awesome). If you have a wild and crazy idea Adrian is the wild and crazy guy who can wild and crazy make it happen.

Get to know Adrian:
Joseph La Ponza Joseph La Ponza

Joseph La Ponza

Web Designer / Developer

Joe is a dedicated and highly skilled designer who strives to constantly learn and grow. He always keeps himself updated with the latest trends because the Digital Age is constantly evolving. Joe believes that clients deserve innovative, impactful, effective, and creative results.

Get to know Joe:
Nicole Moreno Nicole Moreno

Nicole Moreno

Content Editor / Project Manager

Nicole’s got a good head on her shoulders and enjoys editing content for some reason. She’s working on her undergrad at CSUF and bringing all that knowledge to our clients.