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How to Dominate Video Marketing


This is How Video Marketing Works

How does video marketing work? Video is everywhere these days. Everyone has a phone and they’re used all over the place. Cisco reports that in the 2020's, 82% of the content consumed on the internet be video. Already, it’s above 70%. So, video marketing is taking advantage of the fact that video is everywhere.

3 Quick Video Ideas to Engage Your Audience

  1. Talk about your company,
  2. Detail ways that you can help your customers,
  3. Provide tips and tricks to your customers.

There are a lot of different channels that you can use for video marketing. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. There are several ways you can use video on Instagram. There’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

video marketing to engage audience
Video marketing is a powerful way to engage your audience.

There are also clever ways to use videos on your website. The increase in video consumption shows that people read less and watch more. Videos are a passive way to take in information. Hit play, sit back and enjoy. So, there’s no need to use any mental energy to read and decipher the message. You can and should use video all over your website. Wherever you have a paragraph of information – consider adding a video.

Also, you can use videos in emails. Embed a thumbnail of the video and send the email recipient to the video itself when they click.

At AV Club Marketing, we take videos and get transcripts made. Then, we turn the video transcripts into blog posts. We also create teaser videos for social media. Video marketing allows you to take the content you create and leverage it in many different ways. That is a huge advantage of video marketing.

How You Should Do Video Marketing on YouTube

YouTube allows you to get quick feedback on your content. When you post a video it will rise or fall based on interaction.

Here are 6 Ways to Interact on YouTube

  1. Watches
  2. Subscribes
  3. Notifications (the “Bell”)
  4. Likes/Dislikes

Seeing your results on Google can take months. But YouTube shows results within 24 hours. It’s an organic way to tap into one of the prime benefits of paid advertising.

Here is How to Master YouTube Marketing

It’s important to keep the basics in mind. Always ask your viewers to subscribe. Then, be sure to ask them to “ring the bell”.

video marketing YouYube
Video Marketing on YouTube is a powerful way to quickly determine if your content is connecting with your viewers.

Ask them to comment. A trick is to give them something easy to comment on. For example, ask them to comment “yes” or “no” to about how whether they already have information on your topic. YouTube wants to see engagement. The quality of the comment isn’t the most important element.

Figure out how you can start an interaction with your audience. Even negative comments are good. You should focus on the number, not the intent. So, activity is key to ascending the ranks on YouTube.

4 Keys to the Best YouTube Video

  1. Tags
  2. Description
  3. Title
  4. Thumbnail

Take advantage of the power of tags, the description, your title, and your thumbnail. Those four different things let you capitalize on what YouTube marketing offers.

The thumbnail is the first thing that people see. So don’t use the default option that YouTube suggests. Take a little bit of time and put a graphic together to wow your audience.

When it comes to the title, there are different ways that you can quantify the impact it will have. We use a tool called CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. This helps us guarantee that the title has the best chance possible to entice our audience.

For the description, take a moment to summarize the content of your video. YouTube looks at your description and uses it to help figure out where your video should go.

And that’s exactly what they do with tags as well. So, make sure that you tag the topic that you’re talking about, your company name, and any categories.

This is the Silent Secret of Subtitles

The final YouTube tip is to get subtitles made. Don’t use the default ones that YouTube does for free. Because they’re not great. The majority of videos watched on the Internet are on mute. In some channels, like Facebook, that number is as high as 85%. When people watch a video with free subtitles they get the wrong impression. You don’t want to come across as lazy or crazy (or a combination of the two).

video marketing subtitles
The majority of people who watch videos have sound muted.

So, we use a service from that costs $1.00 per minute. Another option is Speechpad. Upload your video and get subtitles (or captions) made and checked by humans. Then, the quality will be higher. And when people watch your video it will make a big difference.

Why You Should Do Video Marketing

Video is where everything related to marketing headed. People are willing to invest their interest in receiving passive input from a video. Additionally, soon over 80% of the content consumed on the Internet is going to be video.

But to us, the real opportunity is that you can take video and leverage it across different channels. Beyond YouTube, you can get transcripts made and create high-quality blog posts. As a result, that video can become an SEO tool. So, you can edit those same videos into 30-second teaser clips that you can post to social media channels.

Here’s Why Video Marketing Should Matter to You

With a little bit of effort, your telephone, and less than a hundred dollars, you can compete. The barrier to entry is low and the opportunity to leverage is high. Your return on investment (ROI) will be greater than traditional marketing techniques. So, video marketing matters and it should definitely matter to you.