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Case Study Basics


Case Studies Can Help Your Business

Case studies are important for gaining customers. AV Club Marketing has a case study that we would like to talk about! Not a case study of something that we have done, but case studies in general. The first question is — what is a case study?

What Is A Case Study?

Well, a case study is an example of how you have helped somebody win.

For instance, if you’re a lawyer it could be about a specific type of case that you had and what the outcome was. For this purpose, it might be about a specific type of marketing.

case study
Here's the key to a great case study

Also, it could be how you were able to target a specific niche for a customer and enhanced their marketing game. It’s how you dealt with a problem given to you and what the outcome was. It should be a situation that was successful because the goal is to get people to trust you.

So, why is a case study important? As I have said, it’s about earning trust. Trust is critical for any kind of successful transaction.

What makes case studies unique is taking something complicated and quantifying the outcome. It puts things into a format where you are a lot more likely to engage the reader. This is important so that they are going to trust you. A case study is important because you want to get people to trust you so they will transact with you.

Writing A Case Study Of Your Own

So, how should you write a case study?

First, you’re going to start with the problems. For instance, let’s say you have a specific niche industry targeted, and they want to buy your widgets. They have a problem, and their problem might be that they need to build their tool in a certain way.

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Studying case studies

So, the next step is, what’s the solution? Well, that’s where you step in and introduce your widgets. These widgets can solve the consumer’s problem — but they want proof. So we have a problem and solution and need to see the outcome. Well, you can’t invent the outcome and you can’t project the outcome into the future.

Using The Case Study

The case study, or the key piece, is something that’s already happened. So the solution is finding a company in the specific industry that has a problem and needs your widgets. This helps you show them you did the same thing for a similar company.

You might have to get a little creative with it! You can show how the widgets solve that problem and you helped the customer win the day.